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Religious Jewels

October 14, 2007

If there truly is a god, why are there so many different religions (especially of the xtian type)?  Wouldn’t an omniscient creator make sure that all humans followed the one ‘true’ religion that this creator made?

When confronted with logic and reason, religion makes no sense.

For instance, if this god is so great and wonderful, why is it that Mother Theresa, who chose to live in poverty, faced a never ending battle in aiding the poor, hungry, and sick?  While her work was important, her great efforts didn’t put an end to poverty in Calcutta.  Despite all of her work, the god she prayed to didn’t help her.  In the meantime, the so-called ‘men of god’ sat high and pretty at the Vatican, within the walls of palaces enjoying plenty of food, jewels, and fancy clothes.

It doesn’t make sense.


Equality includes marriage

October 12, 2007

Glassy eyed, lying Mitty boy took another step toward winning ‘bigot of the year’ with his recent gay discrimination remarks.  Oy, what an idiot.  Once again, he asserted that only straight couples can get married.  Then he claimed that he doesn’t believe in discriminating against gay people.  Reality check to Mitty–you can’t have it both ways!  Oh, and he also had to mention that he had a gay person in his cabinet while governor of Massachusetts.  Tokenism doesn’t make equality.

If Romney had said, “I’m not racist, look I had a black person in my cabinet, but they shouldn’t be at the front of the bus” or “I’m not anti-Semitic, I hired a Jew once, but they shouldn’t be allowed to own businesses” his comment would have made headlines.  Unfortunately, he got away with his stupid comments because it’s OK to bash gay people. 

Romney, and other wacko, xtian neocons are so convinced that they are right.  However, their argument for “traditional” marriage can’t stand when confronted with truth and reality.  If marriage exists solely for reproduction and raising kids:

Why are people who don’t want children allowed to get married?

Why are women who have gone through menopause able to get married?

Why are infertile people allowed to get married?

Why isn’t there a test to prove that one is fertile before marriage?

Why is it biologically possible to produce children outside of marriage?

Why are people allowed to divorce once they’ve reproduced?

Yep, some pretty silly questions to illustrate the stupidity of the “traditional marriage” nutjobs.  The reality is, marriage has nothing to do with producing and raising kids.  Rearing children without marriage has happened since the beginning of time.

The equal marriage debate concerns the special rights available to married people.  How can Romney say he’s against discrimination, and then deny gay people certain rights (e.g. inheritance, social security benefits, health care, tax breaks.)  What do these rights have to do with producing and raising children?  Because these special rights are granted by the government, they have to be available to everyone.  We cannot pick and choose which groups of people get which rights.  It’s against the constitution.  Our government should stop granting marriages.  Let’s just call them civil unions.

A marriage license is granted by the state, not a church.  Religious marriage has nothing to do with civil marriage and its rights, privileges, and protections.  If people want to get married in a church, so be it.  I don’t care.  But don’t take rights away from me just because you’re a bigot.

One last question:  if xtians are so convinced that children need to be in families with one man and one woman, why is that, across the country, there are thousands of unwanted children in state custody?