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Sagging = Screw me

October 29, 2007

The young guys who wear their pants with the waist just above their knees do so because they want respect.  They claim that people who disapprove of their “style” are “haters.”  They think that “sagging” emulates the tough prison culture and a kiss-my-ass attitude.  In reality, it’s a humorous trend because it looks ridiculous and uncomfortable, but also because of the inherent fallacy.  The guys sporting the bagging pants don’t understand that their style really means that they’re ready for anal intercourse.  I doubt these self-described “gangstas” and “thugz” would continue wearing their pants so low if they knew that it means they are telling the world they are ready to be dominated.  The irony is astounding.

I don’t agree with the recent action that some municipalities have taken to ban “sagging.”  While the style is stupid, it doesn’t affect anyone but the wearer.  Furthermore, in a free society, we can’t dictate how one wears clothes.  How is wearing pants low any worse than wearing a bikini or a thong at the beach?

Nonetheless, I do agree with the sentiment that has brought about these municipal ordinances.  The real problem of thug attire is that young men desire to emulate prisoners and gangsters.  How sad it is that our culture has devolved so far that young men look up to men who glorify murder, drug use, and rape.  It’s time for the rappers, hip hoppers, and the corporations that back them, to say “enough is enough.”  It  would be so great if Diddy used his Vodka money to encourage young men to respect themselves and honor their friends, families, neighbors, and communities.  If the young men don’t want “haters” pointing fingers at them, they need to stop hating too.