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My UFO is bigger than your bible!

October 31, 2007

The bimbos at The Today Show poked fun (hmmm…they never giggle when a  neocon talks about jeebus) at Dennis Kucinich because of his comment about UFOs.  It’s just like NBC (except for Countdown with Keith Olbermann) to run with fluff, instead of covering the real news.

During last night’s debate, Kucinich implied that chimpy is going crazy, and he called for chimpy’s impeachment.  Hooray!  But the NBC bimbos didn’t even allude to Kucinich’s great statements.  They, along with the rest of the mainstream media, have adopted the mantra of chimpco:  if you don’t talk about it, it didn’t happen, and if you repeat a lie enough, people will believe it did happen.

Chimpy’s last press conference is an example of this neocon chicanery.  Chimpy had the gaul to say that Congress has been wasting time.  Everyone at the black house, except for idiot chimpy, knows that this is the busiest Congress since 1978.  But they want the “amuricun” people to think that Congress is not working.  Talking heads pillbaugh and o’fetish will pick up chimpy’s talking point, and then the 27% will write it in their bibles as another “truth.”

So, Kucinich is portrayed as a fool for his UFO comment, while chimpy “god talks to me” gets another pass.  Oh, I yearn for a government full of politicians who see UFOs rather than those freaks who hide behind their bibles.


Chimpy’s WWIII

October 18, 2007

Chimpy is blowing his horn over engaging Iran in a war.  Is he for real?  We have no money, our military has suffered too much, and we don’t have any friends.  Perhaps his lowest-ever approval rating has prompted him to act even cockier.

“Hehhehheh, Daddy Dick, they don’t like me anymore.  I’m gonna have to throw one o’ them Texas size nucular things at them a-rabs.  That’ll show those a-murican haters.”

Enough is enough with this idiot.  He’s used fear and loathing to manipulate us throughout his entire presidency.  It has now surfaced that he began his quest for absolute power before 9/11.  Yep, it’s pretty scary.

Congress needs to impeach Chimpy!

He and his cronies are lying, arrogant thieves who will stop at nothing to line their pockets with cash.  Don’t they realize that their money won’t mean crap if they start throwing nuclear bombs?  Fools.  Oh, right, jeebus will make it alright for them.  I always forget about that “clause” that xtians pull out whenever they are threatened.