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The chimp in California

October 26, 2007

Chimpy went to California to survey the damage from the fires.  Why?  How did the victims of the fires benefit from that buffoon walking around for a photo-op?  He’s despised by the majority of citizens, so the reason can’t be that it was a morale booster.  I presume that the trip was for his own ego boost.  He thinks he’s so important; I have no doubt that he thinks he was helping out the relief effort.

The more I think about it, the more disgusted I get.  The amount of money it cost to fly him, his staffers, and the secret service to California for the photo-op could have gone to rebuilding someone’s home.  Didn’t anyone in the stupid house think of that?  Oh, that would have been wonderful.  What if his talking head had told reporters, “The president is saddened by the devastation caused by the fires, but instead of flying to California to show his support, the president would like the money that would have gone to the trip donated to the fire victims.”  Wow.  That would have been something.  Isn’t that the kind of action you would expect from a compassionate conservative

In addition to not going to California to help out the victims, dimwit could have assigned one of his drunk daughters to help coordinate the rebuilding effort.  That would have been so refreshing.  Sadly, the reichwingers will see chimpy’s publicity stunt as more reason to support the moron-who-was-never-elected-president.  The rest of us will see it as yet another illustration of chimpy’s lack of leadership.