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My UFO is bigger than your bible!

October 31, 2007

The bimbos at The Today Show poked fun (hmmm…they never giggle when a  neocon talks about jeebus) at Dennis Kucinich because of his comment about UFOs.  It’s just like NBC (except for Countdown with Keith Olbermann) to run with fluff, instead of covering the real news.

During last night’s debate, Kucinich implied that chimpy is going crazy, and he called for chimpy’s impeachment.  Hooray!  But the NBC bimbos didn’t even allude to Kucinich’s great statements.  They, along with the rest of the mainstream media, have adopted the mantra of chimpco:  if you don’t talk about it, it didn’t happen, and if you repeat a lie enough, people will believe it did happen.

Chimpy’s last press conference is an example of this neocon chicanery.  Chimpy had the gaul to say that Congress has been wasting time.  Everyone at the black house, except for idiot chimpy, knows that this is the busiest Congress since 1978.  But they want the “amuricun” people to think that Congress is not working.  Talking heads pillbaugh and o’fetish will pick up chimpy’s talking point, and then the 27% will write it in their bibles as another “truth.”

So, Kucinich is portrayed as a fool for his UFO comment, while chimpy “god talks to me” gets another pass.  Oh, I yearn for a government full of politicians who see UFOs rather than those freaks who hide behind their bibles.


The chimp in California

October 26, 2007

Chimpy went to California to survey the damage from the fires.  Why?  How did the victims of the fires benefit from that buffoon walking around for a photo-op?  He’s despised by the majority of citizens, so the reason can’t be that it was a morale booster.  I presume that the trip was for his own ego boost.  He thinks he’s so important; I have no doubt that he thinks he was helping out the relief effort.

The more I think about it, the more disgusted I get.  The amount of money it cost to fly him, his staffers, and the secret service to California for the photo-op could have gone to rebuilding someone’s home.  Didn’t anyone in the stupid house think of that?  Oh, that would have been wonderful.  What if his talking head had told reporters, “The president is saddened by the devastation caused by the fires, but instead of flying to California to show his support, the president would like the money that would have gone to the trip donated to the fire victims.”  Wow.  That would have been something.  Isn’t that the kind of action you would expect from a compassionate conservative

In addition to not going to California to help out the victims, dimwit could have assigned one of his drunk daughters to help coordinate the rebuilding effort.  That would have been so refreshing.  Sadly, the reichwingers will see chimpy’s publicity stunt as more reason to support the moron-who-was-never-elected-president.  The rest of us will see it as yet another illustration of chimpy’s lack of leadership.


Wacko gems!

October 23, 2007

There’s so much crazy out there today, I’m feeling a bit woozy…

 Ark Building 101

Baylor University offers a major in Church Recreation.  Huh?  Do xtians find it hard to figure out how to serve punch and cookies?  There has to be more to it than that.  What do Church Recreation majors study?  Book burning?  Ark building?  I wonder if ‘running with the stations of the cross’ is an advanced course.

Baby Desperation

Some wacko couple in Florida was so desperate to have a child that they paid a woman to get pregnant (i.e. with her own egg) with the husband’s sperm.  The couple had a verbal agreement with the woman, but they did not enter into a contract with her.  Once the baby arrived, the surrogate decided to keep the baby.  Ooops.

If the couple was so desperate to have another child (they already have one child, born from a surrogate) why didn’t they adopt?  There are thousands of children waiting for people to take them in and provide them permanent, loving homes.  If someone is really so desperate to become a parent, how can that person neglect the fact that there are so many unwanted kids?  I am so tired of hearing about the self-induced anguish of infertile couples!  They complain about surrogacy, the pain of miscarriages, and the gobs of money spent on infertility treatment.  Who cares?!  Stop being so selfish and adopt!

War Trumps Kids!

Chimpy vetoed (10/03/2007) legislation that would provide $35 billion in healthcare for children.  Nonetheless, that fool has asked (10/22/2007) Congress for another $46 billion to fund his acts of aggression.  By vetoing the SCHIP bill, he let the nation know that he doesn’t care about sick, poor kids.  And now, less than three weeks later, we find out that his so-called war is more important to him than the welfare of children.  Oh, that’s nice.  What a hero.  He’s taken so much money from the treasury for his games (the chimpco idiots don’t even know where it all goes) and kickbacks to his friends, but he doesn’t have the heart to help kids.  Disgusting.


Torture is Torture is Torture

October 19, 2007

Chimpy’s pick for Attorney General refused to answer questions about torture.  Is that because he knows what’s going on, it’s illegal, and he doesn’t want to implicate his future boss?  I’m not surprised that Mukasey wants to shove his head up Chimpy’s ass (is there any room left?); there’s not a right-wing wacko who would miss out on an opportunity to get in on the riches generated by Chimpy’s “war.”  But it is surprising that, at this late stage in Chimpy’s reign, Mukasey is so demented that he’s willing to keep up the charade of lies for just 14 months of kickbacks.  Wow.  Mukasey might have to pull Condi-sleazy out of the executive sphincter so that he can get in as far as he can in order to grab what’s left of the loot.


Chimpy’s WWIII

October 18, 2007

Chimpy is blowing his horn over engaging Iran in a war.  Is he for real?  We have no money, our military has suffered too much, and we don’t have any friends.  Perhaps his lowest-ever approval rating has prompted him to act even cockier.

“Hehhehheh, Daddy Dick, they don’t like me anymore.  I’m gonna have to throw one o’ them Texas size nucular things at them a-rabs.  That’ll show those a-murican haters.”

Enough is enough with this idiot.  He’s used fear and loathing to manipulate us throughout his entire presidency.  It has now surfaced that he began his quest for absolute power before 9/11.  Yep, it’s pretty scary.

Congress needs to impeach Chimpy!

He and his cronies are lying, arrogant thieves who will stop at nothing to line their pockets with cash.  Don’t they realize that their money won’t mean crap if they start throwing nuclear bombs?  Fools.  Oh, right, jeebus will make it alright for them.  I always forget about that “clause” that xtians pull out whenever they are threatened.