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There goes Brew…

November 7, 2007

I love patronizing Brew Urban Cafe.  Their coffee is great, baristas Marcus and Jen are wonderful people, and I was pleased to support a local business instead of that huge corporation.

Unfortunately, Brew’s owner doesn’t believe in handwashing.  While waiting for my iced americano she came into the store with the baked goods (fabulous foods from Gran Forno) and began unboxing them.  When I asked why she didn’t wash her hands, she gave me a dirty look and held up the food-service tissue she had in her hand.  She told me that she was using a tissue, so she didn’t have to wash her hands.  I said that using a tissue doesn’t take the place of washing one’s hands.  She got angry and said that she didn’t touch any of the pastries bare-handed (which is a lie.)  She was so angry that she didn’t finish unboxing the pastries; she left the store in a huff.

I didn’t get a chance to tell her that the tissue she was using was handled by her daughter.  The very same tissue that the girl took out of the box immediately after wiping her nose with her hands.  Ewww.  Just like her mother, the daughter didn’t wash her hands.

In addition, a couple of weeks ago, the owner’s young son came in to the shop, on his own, with the pastries.  Just like his mother, he proceeded to unbox the pastries without washing his hands.  Because he was holding a tissue, it was clear that he remembered that he should use one.  However, he had not learned that one needs to pick up the pastries with the tissue, not just hold it in the free hand while plating the pastries with the unwashed and un-tissued hand.

I suspect that the owner got so mad because she knows I’m right.  Why else would she get angry?  Hasn’t she heard of the recent MRSA infections?  Would she want to go to a food service business where the workers don’t wash their hands?  Would she be happy with the “but I’m using a tissue” response?  We all must wash our hands to stay healthy, especially before handling food.  I’m absolutely shocked that a mother, with young children, who owns a restaurant, wouldn’t be on top of such basic hygiene.


Dog Idiots

October 9, 2007

While enjoying an iced americano at my local coffee shop, Brew Urban Cafe, a woman came into the shop with her dog.  My assumption is that this woman thinks the “No Dogs Allowed” sign doesn’t apply to her.  She just got a coffee to go.  Luckily, for the brief time she was in the shop, her little terrier was quiet and well-behaved.  This is in contrast to the spit-flinging pitbull that another customer always brought into the shop–prompting the owners to post the signs.  The pitbull regularly flung spit on the tables, counters, and floor.  The dog also had a habit of lunging at children.  The pitbull’s owner never noticed, or acknowledged, his dog’s behavior, nor did he understand why people complained about his dog.  It takes a special kind of idiot to be so oblivious.