Go Code Pink!

October 25, 2007

What a thrill it was to see a Code Pink demonstrator get right up to Condisleazy and call her out for her criminal actions!  I nearly squealed with delight.  Given Condisleazy’s record of showing any sign that she’s human, her reaction was predictable.  I know what she was thinking:  “oh, puuleease, really, get this trash away from me.”  Condisleazy’s so stoic; I’m positive it must turn on her girlfriend.  I’ll bet there was some good lovin’ in the House of Sleaze last night!

Of course, the main stream media didn’t cover the story.  Go ahead, do a Google search and see what you find.  I think most people in this country don’t know what happened.  If the media decide to run this story, I have no doubt that they will show just a bit of the footage to make it look like a deranged woman attacked Condisleazy.  They won’t show the other Code Pink members getting forcibly removed from the room, even though they weren’t involved in the bloody hands action.

It’s just disgusting what the media in this country will ignore.  Our country is falling apart, but the media continues to cover celebrity whores over the true state of affairs.  Sad, sad, sad.

Hooray to Code Pink!  I thank the Power of Pink for their efforts in exposing the chimpco lies.


Farther is not Further

October 24, 2007

My mind swirls with awe when I see or hear people using “further” when they mean to use “farther.”  It’s in print, it’s on TV, it’s in idle conversation…the further switcharoo happens so frequently that I’m beginning to think that I’m the target in some grammar joke or conspiracy.  Hey, take some time to notice; you too will think that you’re the only one not in on the joke.

Further is used so often in place of farther, I believe people don’t even know that farther exists.  The rules are simple; I just don’t understand why people have such a problem with the correct usage.

Use farther when specifying sequences in physical distance (e.g. Why Geese Fly Farther than Eagles)

Use further when specifying sequences in degree or severity (e.g. Further Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat

Lesson Tutor has a great page about the proper usage for farther and further.  

Should you get stuck in furthering your correct usage, here’s something to keep in mind:  Farther is far, not fur.


Wacko gems!

October 23, 2007

There’s so much crazy out there today, I’m feeling a bit woozy…

 Ark Building 101

Baylor University offers a major in Church Recreation.  Huh?  Do xtians find it hard to figure out how to serve punch and cookies?  There has to be more to it than that.  What do Church Recreation majors study?  Book burning?  Ark building?  I wonder if ‘running with the stations of the cross’ is an advanced course.

Baby Desperation

Some wacko couple in Florida was so desperate to have a child that they paid a woman to get pregnant (i.e. with her own egg) with the husband’s sperm.  The couple had a verbal agreement with the woman, but they did not enter into a contract with her.  Once the baby arrived, the surrogate decided to keep the baby.  Ooops.

If the couple was so desperate to have another child (they already have one child, born from a surrogate) why didn’t they adopt?  There are thousands of children waiting for people to take them in and provide them permanent, loving homes.  If someone is really so desperate to become a parent, how can that person neglect the fact that there are so many unwanted kids?  I am so tired of hearing about the self-induced anguish of infertile couples!  They complain about surrogacy, the pain of miscarriages, and the gobs of money spent on infertility treatment.  Who cares?!  Stop being so selfish and adopt!

War Trumps Kids!

Chimpy vetoed (10/03/2007) legislation that would provide $35 billion in healthcare for children.  Nonetheless, that fool has asked (10/22/2007) Congress for another $46 billion to fund his acts of aggression.  By vetoing the SCHIP bill, he let the nation know that he doesn’t care about sick, poor kids.  And now, less than three weeks later, we find out that his so-called war is more important to him than the welfare of children.  Oh, that’s nice.  What a hero.  He’s taken so much money from the treasury for his games (the chimpco idiots don’t even know where it all goes) and kickbacks to his friends, but he doesn’t have the heart to help kids.  Disgusting.


Biblical truth…

October 22, 2007

So, the wackos at CitizenLink (brought to you by the Focus on the Family nutjobs) are foaming at the mouth over the documentary, For the Bible Tells Me So.  Apparently, they don’t like that the documentary, according to them, denies biblical truth.

Hmmm…there’s truth in the bible?  Isn’t that an oxymoron?

I don’t believe that a book that is composed of fables, which xtians use to deny scientific fact (i.e. truth), is anything more than a work of fiction.  The bible contains no more truth than the Mother Goose rhymes or the Grimm tales.


Want some jesus with that?

October 22, 2007

Jeebus and pizza, oh, what a combo!

The Sun-Sentinel printed a short review of Phil’s Calzone Factory.  As a calzone devotee, and tiring of my usual calzone from Vito’s, I decided to give Phil’s a try.  Upon arriving at the shop, a typical strip mall joint, I headed right for the counter, picked up a menu and ordered a calzone.  With my order placed and bill paid, I turned around to find a place to sit.  The first thing I saw was a small table piled with xtian propaganda pamphlets.  Yuck!  I told myself that a prior customer must have dumped the pamphlets there.  After turning back around to the counter, I noticed all kinds of xtian signs, stickers, and crosses.  And then I noticed that the xtian paraphenalia is posted all over the store.  There were so many items extolling the benefits of bowing to jeebus, that I can’t believe that I didn’t notice any of it upon entering the shop.  The more I looked around, the more propaganda I saw.  I was so disgusted.  I wish I would have noticed the jeebus crap before shelling out $25 to the jeebus freaks who must own Phil’s Calzone Factory.

I don’t need to have religion shoved down my throat while patronizing a pizza shop! 

While still reeling from the sight of the xtian decor, I noticed a back room; I thought I could seek refuge there.  Not so!  The back room is even more horrifying.  This room features a long banquet-style table piled end to end with all manner of xtian pamphlets, books, newspapers, and cards.  Above the table is a huge banner printed with “Jesus Is Your Savior” on it (in red, of all colors.)  My feet couldn’t get me out of that room fast enough!

What are these people thinking?  My guess is that they are insecure about their religion.  They posted all of the crap around the store because they need a constant reminder that they’ve chosen not to believe in reality.  This calzone joint should be called Phil’s Xtian Factory, Indoctrination Center, and Propaganda Hut.  Potential patrons need to know what to expect when contemplating doing business with Phil’s.  I wish there had been a huge cross on the door to warn me about what was inside the shop.  Nonetheless, I can’t blame the Phil’s people for my calzone induced tunnel vision.

Despite the owner’s devotion to jeebus, the calzone wasn’t extraordinary.  If the calzone had been incredibly scrumptious, I cannot imagine the dilemma I would have faced.  Would I give more money to jeebus freaks to enjoy something superb?  Since the calzone wasn’t something that I have to have again, I can say that I will never return to Phil’s.


Torture is Torture is Torture

October 19, 2007

Chimpy’s pick for Attorney General refused to answer questions about torture.  Is that because he knows what’s going on, it’s illegal, and he doesn’t want to implicate his future boss?  I’m not surprised that Mukasey wants to shove his head up Chimpy’s ass (is there any room left?); there’s not a right-wing wacko who would miss out on an opportunity to get in on the riches generated by Chimpy’s “war.”  But it is surprising that, at this late stage in Chimpy’s reign, Mukasey is so demented that he’s willing to keep up the charade of lies for just 14 months of kickbacks.  Wow.  Mukasey might have to pull Condi-sleazy out of the executive sphincter so that he can get in as far as he can in order to grab what’s left of the loot.


Chimpy’s WWIII

October 18, 2007

Chimpy is blowing his horn over engaging Iran in a war.  Is he for real?  We have no money, our military has suffered too much, and we don’t have any friends.  Perhaps his lowest-ever approval rating has prompted him to act even cockier.

“Hehhehheh, Daddy Dick, they don’t like me anymore.  I’m gonna have to throw one o’ them Texas size nucular things at them a-rabs.  That’ll show those a-murican haters.”

Enough is enough with this idiot.  He’s used fear and loathing to manipulate us throughout his entire presidency.  It has now surfaced that he began his quest for absolute power before 9/11.  Yep, it’s pretty scary.

Congress needs to impeach Chimpy!

He and his cronies are lying, arrogant thieves who will stop at nothing to line their pockets with cash.  Don’t they realize that their money won’t mean crap if they start throwing nuclear bombs?  Fools.  Oh, right, jeebus will make it alright for them.  I always forget about that “clause” that xtians pull out whenever they are threatened.