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There goes Brew…

November 7, 2007

I love patronizing Brew Urban Cafe.  Their coffee is great, baristas Marcus and Jen are wonderful people, and I was pleased to support a local business instead of that huge corporation.

Unfortunately, Brew’s owner doesn’t believe in handwashing.  While waiting for my iced americano she came into the store with the baked goods (fabulous foods from Gran Forno) and began unboxing them.  When I asked why she didn’t wash her hands, she gave me a dirty look and held up the food-service tissue she had in her hand.  She told me that she was using a tissue, so she didn’t have to wash her hands.  I said that using a tissue doesn’t take the place of washing one’s hands.  She got angry and said that she didn’t touch any of the pastries bare-handed (which is a lie.)  She was so angry that she didn’t finish unboxing the pastries; she left the store in a huff.

I didn’t get a chance to tell her that the tissue she was using was handled by her daughter.  The very same tissue that the girl took out of the box immediately after wiping her nose with her hands.  Ewww.  Just like her mother, the daughter didn’t wash her hands.

In addition, a couple of weeks ago, the owner’s young son came in to the shop, on his own, with the pastries.  Just like his mother, he proceeded to unbox the pastries without washing his hands.  Because he was holding a tissue, it was clear that he remembered that he should use one.  However, he had not learned that one needs to pick up the pastries with the tissue, not just hold it in the free hand while plating the pastries with the unwashed and un-tissued hand.

I suspect that the owner got so mad because she knows I’m right.  Why else would she get angry?  Hasn’t she heard of the recent MRSA infections?  Would she want to go to a food service business where the workers don’t wash their hands?  Would she be happy with the “but I’m using a tissue” response?  We all must wash our hands to stay healthy, especially before handling food.  I’m absolutely shocked that a mother, with young children, who owns a restaurant, wouldn’t be on top of such basic hygiene.


Sagging = Screw me

October 29, 2007

The young guys who wear their pants with the waist just above their knees do so because they want respect.  They claim that people who disapprove of their “style” are “haters.”  They think that “sagging” emulates the tough prison culture and a kiss-my-ass attitude.  In reality, it’s a humorous trend because it looks ridiculous and uncomfortable, but also because of the inherent fallacy.  The guys sporting the bagging pants don’t understand that their style really means that they’re ready for anal intercourse.  I doubt these self-described “gangstas” and “thugz” would continue wearing their pants so low if they knew that it means they are telling the world they are ready to be dominated.  The irony is astounding.

I don’t agree with the recent action that some municipalities have taken to ban “sagging.”  While the style is stupid, it doesn’t affect anyone but the wearer.  Furthermore, in a free society, we can’t dictate how one wears clothes.  How is wearing pants low any worse than wearing a bikini or a thong at the beach?

Nonetheless, I do agree with the sentiment that has brought about these municipal ordinances.  The real problem of thug attire is that young men desire to emulate prisoners and gangsters.  How sad it is that our culture has devolved so far that young men look up to men who glorify murder, drug use, and rape.  It’s time for the rappers, hip hoppers, and the corporations that back them, to say “enough is enough.”  It  would be so great if Diddy used his Vodka money to encourage young men to respect themselves and honor their friends, families, neighbors, and communities.  If the young men don’t want “haters” pointing fingers at them, they need to stop hating too.


The chimp in California

October 26, 2007

Chimpy went to California to survey the damage from the fires.  Why?  How did the victims of the fires benefit from that buffoon walking around for a photo-op?  He’s despised by the majority of citizens, so the reason can’t be that it was a morale booster.  I presume that the trip was for his own ego boost.  He thinks he’s so important; I have no doubt that he thinks he was helping out the relief effort.

The more I think about it, the more disgusted I get.  The amount of money it cost to fly him, his staffers, and the secret service to California for the photo-op could have gone to rebuilding someone’s home.  Didn’t anyone in the stupid house think of that?  Oh, that would have been wonderful.  What if his talking head had told reporters, “The president is saddened by the devastation caused by the fires, but instead of flying to California to show his support, the president would like the money that would have gone to the trip donated to the fire victims.”  Wow.  That would have been something.  Isn’t that the kind of action you would expect from a compassionate conservative

In addition to not going to California to help out the victims, dimwit could have assigned one of his drunk daughters to help coordinate the rebuilding effort.  That would have been so refreshing.  Sadly, the reichwingers will see chimpy’s publicity stunt as more reason to support the moron-who-was-never-elected-president.  The rest of us will see it as yet another illustration of chimpy’s lack of leadership.


Ellen sucks

October 17, 2007

I’m soooo over Ellen.  It’s bad enough that she bowed to the “it’s ok to be gay, as long as I don’t have to hear about it, or see it” crowd, but now she thinks she doesn’t have to follow rules because she’s rich and famous.  How sad.

She adopts a dog, it doesn’t work out, so she gives the dog to her hairdresser.  Uh, if Ellen is so animal-friendly, and rescue savvy, she should know that passing along animals is a no-no.  I’m absolutely sure that the Mutts & Moms people told Ellen that she would need to bring the dog back to them if the adoption didn’t work out.  That’s what all rescue organizations do!  Oh, the information was also in the contract, which Ellen conveniently forgot to read.

What a sobbing stunt she pulled on her show.  She claimed that she couldn’t be happy when something was so terribly wrong.  What?  She wasn’t that upset when she went back to New Orleans after Katrina!  It’s so clear that she pulled out the crocodile tears to gain the sympathy of her viewers; she knew if she did that, her viewers would side with her and not the Mutts & Moms group.

So, Ellen, see what happens when you don’t follow the rules?  Money and fame can’t buy you everything.

I support Mutts & Moms dog rescue!


Unfair criminal sentencing?

October 15, 2007

There’s an article in today’s paper about unusual sentences for people convicted of misdemeanor crimes.  Apparently, some judges around the US have decided to use public humiliation as part of the sentences for perpetrators of misdemeanors.

What an excellent idea!  Surely this technique would serve as a deterrent for a repeat offense.  It may even help people to think twice before committing a misdemeanor.

One woman, convicted of stealing from Wal-Mart, had to wear a sign (for only two hours) letting people know that she’s a thief.  Despite her conviction, this dimwit had the nerve to claim that her punishment was unfair.


Ummmm…she’s the one who stole from a store and she still has the guts to talk about what’s fair?  Oy.  That woman is such a clueless idiot.  She’ll probably be one of the few humiliation sentenced recidivists.



Dog Idiots

October 9, 2007

While enjoying an iced americano at my local coffee shop, Brew Urban Cafe, a woman came into the shop with her dog.  My assumption is that this woman thinks the “No Dogs Allowed” sign doesn’t apply to her.  She just got a coffee to go.  Luckily, for the brief time she was in the shop, her little terrier was quiet and well-behaved.  This is in contrast to the spit-flinging pitbull that another customer always brought into the shop–prompting the owners to post the signs.  The pitbull regularly flung spit on the tables, counters, and floor.  The dog also had a habit of lunging at children.  The pitbull’s owner never noticed, or acknowledged, his dog’s behavior, nor did he understand why people complained about his dog.  It takes a special kind of idiot to be so oblivious.


Excuse me?

October 8, 2007

As I exited Starbucks, I saw that someone had parked a car in the in/out lane, rather than in a parking spot.  I said out loud, “Great, some dumbass is blocking traffic.”  As luck would have it, the dumbass turned out to be with the woman leaving Starbucks at the same time as myself.  Upon hearing my comment, the woman mumbled something that I didn’t understand, and then she called me a “fatass.”

She must be a great person and mother.  What a lesson for her kids.

Yes, kids, mommy is a bitch.  So, when you’re an adult, make sure you inconvenience everyone around you and then don’t apologize; hurl words of hate instead of being nice.