Go Code Pink!

October 25, 2007

What a thrill it was to see a Code Pink demonstrator get right up to Condisleazy and call her out for her criminal actions!  I nearly squealed with delight.  Given Condisleazy’s record of showing any sign that she’s human, her reaction was predictable.  I know what she was thinking:  “oh, puuleease, really, get this trash away from me.”  Condisleazy’s so stoic; I’m positive it must turn on her girlfriend.  I’ll bet there was some good lovin’ in the House of Sleaze last night!

Of course, the main stream media didn’t cover the story.  Go ahead, do a Google search and see what you find.  I think most people in this country don’t know what happened.  If the media decide to run this story, I have no doubt that they will show just a bit of the footage to make it look like a deranged woman attacked Condisleazy.  They won’t show the other Code Pink members getting forcibly removed from the room, even though they weren’t involved in the bloody hands action.

It’s just disgusting what the media in this country will ignore.  Our country is falling apart, but the media continues to cover celebrity whores over the true state of affairs.  Sad, sad, sad.

Hooray to Code Pink!  I thank the Power of Pink for their efforts in exposing the chimpco lies.


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