Ellen sucks

October 17, 2007

I’m soooo over Ellen.  It’s bad enough that she bowed to the “it’s ok to be gay, as long as I don’t have to hear about it, or see it” crowd, but now she thinks she doesn’t have to follow rules because she’s rich and famous.  How sad.

She adopts a dog, it doesn’t work out, so she gives the dog to her hairdresser.  Uh, if Ellen is so animal-friendly, and rescue savvy, she should know that passing along animals is a no-no.  I’m absolutely sure that the Mutts & Moms people told Ellen that she would need to bring the dog back to them if the adoption didn’t work out.  That’s what all rescue organizations do!  Oh, the information was also in the contract, which Ellen conveniently forgot to read.

What a sobbing stunt she pulled on her show.  She claimed that she couldn’t be happy when something was so terribly wrong.  What?  She wasn’t that upset when she went back to New Orleans after Katrina!  It’s so clear that she pulled out the crocodile tears to gain the sympathy of her viewers; she knew if she did that, her viewers would side with her and not the Mutts & Moms group.

So, Ellen, see what happens when you don’t follow the rules?  Money and fame can’t buy you everything.

I support Mutts & Moms dog rescue!


One comment

  1. Why did Mutts and Moms take Iggy back? The only reason offered was that Iggy’s new family had two girls under the age of 14 in the household. That may be a valid concern sometimes, but it didn’t seem to be a real issue in this particular case, and an objective observer would almost certainly conclude that Mutts and Moms did not have the dog’s best interests at heart.

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