Naughty Boy Craig

October 16, 2007

Craig lied his way through the Matt Lauer interview.  What a putz.  Lauer should have asked him where the gate for his flight was in relation to the sexy bathroom.  I’ll bet that lying sack of crap walked from one end of the terminal to the other just to get some action.  He probably even had a practice of arranging his flights with a long layover so that he could get his jollies before heading home to his beard.  The fool complains that he didn’t tell his wife about his arrest because he was embarrassed.  What?!  He’s married to the woman for 29 years and he claims that he was embarrassed?  If he’s truly an honest person, he would have told his wife immediately–that’s what spouses do.  Why stay married to the woman if he’s embarrassed to tell her something?  What a sham.  Why are there so many xtian, straight, family, repukelicans who get in trouble for soliciting sex with men?  It’s like an epidemic.  They are all two-faced, self-serving, lying pigs.  It sure takes a special kind of idiot to suck a dick and then bash gay people by voting against equal rights.  I’m so glad they stand behind jeebus; that makes it even more special.


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