Unfair criminal sentencing?

October 15, 2007

There’s an article in today’s paper about unusual sentences for people convicted of misdemeanor crimes.  Apparently, some judges around the US have decided to use public humiliation as part of the sentences for perpetrators of misdemeanors.

What an excellent idea!  Surely this technique would serve as a deterrent for a repeat offense.  It may even help people to think twice before committing a misdemeanor.

One woman, convicted of stealing from Wal-Mart, had to wear a sign (for only two hours) letting people know that she’s a thief.  Despite her conviction, this dimwit had the nerve to claim that her punishment was unfair.


Ummmm…she’s the one who stole from a store and she still has the guts to talk about what’s fair?  Oy.  That woman is such a clueless idiot.  She’ll probably be one of the few humiliation sentenced recidivists.



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