Your, you’re, and yours (and mine’s?)

October 10, 2007

I’m astounded that people use “your” when they really mean to write “you’re.”  It’s a barometer of stupidity for me.  Don’t these people know that “your” is not the same as “you are?”  It’s so basic, it makes my head hurt!  Luckily, I’ve noticed that this error is made most often by reichwing neocons.  Check out the idiot hate mail VoteVets received because of the Limbaugh phony soldier statement.  I couldn’t find one in the whole bunch that got it right.  Maybe if they didn’t have their heads so far up Limbaugh’s ‘I didn’t serve because I had a huge pimple on my Ass’ they’d be able to get it right.  And these are the people who want to replace public schools with “vouchers” for private (i.e. religious) schools.  Scary.


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