Snakeoil seller Romney

October 10, 2007

Romney is such a liar.  He’s oily, smarmy, and creepy too.  It’s not possible for him to tell the truth anymore because he’s told lies for so many years.  His performance at the CNBC debate last night was disgusting.  Prior to the debate, his coaches must have told him to say “Hillary Clinton” and “I lowered taxes” as many times as he could–as if that would prove him the winner of the debate.  His coaches should have worked on getting him to stop blinking.  His rapid blinking is a tell; the faster the blinking, the bigger the lie.

Sure, yeah, I admit it’s true, Romney did lower taxes in Massachusetts.  However, cutting a capital gains tax benefits only the wealthy.  How does that impact the lives of working people?  Unfortunately, the majority of voters in the country will never hear that Romney increased just about every fee that the Commonwealth levies.  That’s right, Romney cut taxes for the wealthy, but raised fees for everyone else.  Hey Mitty boy, just because a fee is a different three letter word, doesn’t mean it’s not a tax!

How can the man sleep at night knowing that he let his wealthy friends keep more of their money, but levied fees (i.e. taxes) on blind people?  Wow.  If I believed there is a devil, I would have to say it’s Romney.

Only the devil could say that helping daddy run for president is equivalent to serving in Iraq.  So, it’s ok for the regular people (poor taxpayers who don’t own investment corporations) to get maimed and killed, but not the offspring of wealthy “patriotic” liars.  Hmmm…

I hope that the good people of this country see through Romney’s smoke and mirrors.  After eight years of chimpy, we cannot continue the nightmare with a glassy-eyed, ‘my friends need to get rich too’, lying replacement.


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